דואט בביירות

דואט בביירותIn This Riveting Thriller By An Ex Mossad Agent, An Israeli Spy Risks His Life To Save A Hezbollah Leader For Over A Decade, Mishka Ben David Was A Profes Sional Spy, Taking Part In Secret Operations On Be Half Of The Mossad, Israel S Legendary Intelligence Agency But After Twelve Years Of Service, Ben David Quit The Mossad And Became An Acclaimed Novelist, Describing Life As A Spy From Within A Major Best Seller In Israel, Duet In Beirut Is Ben David S First Book To Appear In English Ronen, An Expelled Mossad Agent, Has Disap Peared Following A Failed Assassination Attempt Against The Hezbollah Operative Responsible For Suicide Bombings In Israel Feared To Be On An Un Authorized Mission, It Is Up To His Former Command Er, Gadi, To Track Ronen Down And Stop Him From Causing Harm Both To Himself And To His Country The Physical And Intellectual Scuffle Between The Two Men Becomes One Of Deeper, Moral Inquiry Written With A Master Novelist S Terse Convic Tion, Duet In Beirut Takes Us Inside A Much Dis Cussed But Little Understood World As Revealing In Its Psychological Acuity As It Is In Its Portrait Of Life In The Mossad, Duet In Beirut Is An Essential Thriller Of Espionage And Political Intrigue.

Mishka Ben David served in the Mossad for twelve years, becoming a high ranking officer He is now a full time novelist living outside Jerusalem.

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  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • דואט בביירות
  • Mishka Ben-David
  • 07 April 2019
  • 9781468310207

10 thoughts on “דואט בביירות

  1. Foxglove says:

    Would make an incredible movie Tense, sad, beautiful and depressing.

  2. Evelyn says:

    Written in 2002 by a former Mossad agent and just recently translated into English, Duet in Beirut is surprisingly satisfying The story starts with Israeli team leader Gadi travelling to Beirut in order to extract one of his long time operatives who has gone rogue in order to complete an assassination the rogue agent initially bungled quite publicly the year before It s a fast paced, intense read, but also surprisingly human no James Bond super spies here Among the many things the book explores is the emotional fallout to the individual, his family and his comrades, from living one s life in such an intensely clandestine fashion, the hot house atmosphere within these closed, high pressure teams, and the consequences to everyone involved of the public revelation at the core of the book which the organization, most particularly its higher ups, had failed to keep under wraps Yet this isn t a spi...

  3. Ellis Shuman says:

    One can t help but think that the fictional Mossad portrayed in Ben David s novel must closely resemble the real life organization, where the author once worked.Duet in Beirut gives us a fascinating look into a dark, deceptive, treacherous world in which you never really know what i...

  4. Richard Uhlhorn says:

    Fascinating look into the Mossad by an ex Mossad operative While the story and plot are fiction, it is not hard to imagine this type of action taking place I will be seeking out Ben David s other work.

  5. Gordon Kaplan says:

    When Ronen, an expelled Mossad agent, vanishes after a failed assassination attempt against a Hezbollah operative responsible for suicide bombings in Israel, Gadi, his former commander, must find Ronen before he harms both himself and his country Description from library catalog Originally published in Hebrew as, Duet b Berut, Evan Fallenberg was the translator Mishka Ben David was born in 1952 in Israel He holds a MA in comparative literature from the University of Wisconsin and a PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Ben David served in the Mossad for twelve years, becoming a high ranking officer, and he is now a full time novelist living outside Jerusalem He is the author of five bestselling spy novels and several other books, including novels, short stories, and a book of p...

  6. Patiareh says:

    Y llard r garip bir s r mcemede kald bu kitap Bir d nem Beyrut ile ilgili her kitab koleksiyon gibi toplarken ald m Tam sonuna varm ken yar m b rakt m Bir ekilde hep yar m kald Bu kez elime al p kararl bir ekilde okudum ve hi de pi man etmedi Ak c bir kitap Ba ar s zl ve Mossad tan at lman n ac s n ok yo un ya ayan eski ajan R...

  7. Marcie Nugent says:

    Totally enjoyed Kept my attention all the way through Mishka Ben David is my first spy thriller The author is an ex Mossad agent Israeli Intelligence Agency For me, the book was an interesting look inside the mindset of such agencies while being a captivating spy story.

  8. Maureen says:

    Very interesting to have a new location for a spy book The Mossad details made this a good read with new a new setting for the political and ethical dilemmas in the story,

  9. Michael Bell says:

    I love the discipline of Mossad agents The lonely lifestyles that accompany state sanctioned assassinations are only for the strong In this novel, a botched killing of a terrorist leader leads to a story of a sulking agent who goes to great lengths to make up for his failed mission Ronen is a husband and father who has lost his way Heading back to Lebanon was a mistake...

  10. Lucy says:

    Based in Israel Lebanon it tells the story of 2 men who try save the life of a Hezbollah leader after a mission to assassinate him goes wrong The work family isn t as supportive as one would expect but when it comes to saving your back they are there Some good scenes are filled wit...

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