Liberty of Conscience: The Attack on America's Tradition of Religious Equality

Liberty of Conscience: The Attack on America's Tradition of Religious EqualityIn One Of The Great Triumphs Of The Colonial And Revolutionary Periods, The Founders Of The Future United States Overcame Religious Intolerance In Favor Of A Constitutional Order Dedicated To Fair Treatment For People S Deeply Held Conscientious Beliefs It Granted Equal Liberty Of Conscience To All And Took A Firm Stand Against Religious Establishment This Respect For Religious Difference, Acclaimed Scholar Martha Nussbaum Writes, Formed Our Democracy Yet Today There Are Signs That This Legacy Is Misunderstood The Prominence Of A Particular Type Of Christianity In Our Public Life Suggests The Unequal Worth Of Citizens Who Hold Different Religious Beliefs, Or No Beliefs Other People, Meanwhile, Seek To Curtail The Influence Of Religion In Public Life In A Way That Is Itself Unbalanced And Unfair Such Partisan Efforts, Nussbaum Argues, Violate The Spirit Of Our Constitution Liberty Of Conscience Is A Historical And Conceptual Study Of The American Tradition Of Religious Freedom Weaving Together Political History, Philosophical Ideas, And Key Constitutional Cases, This Is A Rich Chronicle Of An Ideal Of Equality That Has Always Been Central To Our History But Is Now In Serious Danger.

Professor Nussbaum is the Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics at the University of Chicago, appointed in the Philosophy Department, Law School, and Divinity School She is an Associate in the Classics Department and the Political Science Department, a Member of the Committee on Southern Asian Studies, and a Board Member of the Human Rights Program She is the founder and

Free ↠ Liberty of Conscience: The Attack on America's Tradition of Religious Equality By Martha C. Nussbaum –
  • Hardcover
  • 406 pages
  • Liberty of Conscience: The Attack on America's Tradition of Religious Equality
  • Martha C. Nussbaum
  • English
  • 10 December 2018
  • 9780465051649

10 thoughts on “Liberty of Conscience: The Attack on America's Tradition of Religious Equality

  1. Alicia says:

    The author of Liberty of Conscience is one of those books that so far has been a joy to read because it so closely echoes my own beliefs and ideas about what the separation of church and state not to mention religious freedom is all about The author has presented her thoughts and ideas in a clear, scholarly way that argues for the founding fathers intention to build a country that respects the preciousness and dignity of the individual human conscience and the equality of all religions or lack of religion In other words, the right of every individual to follow his own path, to pursue spirituality or lack thereof it his own way The author revisits every major defining moment of our country and shows that it was founded with very clear protections and ideas about the separation of church and sta...

  2. Vincent Li says:

    Like other Nussbaum books, quite enjoyable and original The take way from the book is that the establishment and free exercise are based on notions of equality The establishment clause ensures that no orthodoxy is imposed, to create in and out groups essentially, the endorsement test in Lynch , as Madison said, all citizens are equal in the public square The free exercise clause recognizes that generally applicable laws, enacted by a majority can sometimes unintentionally or occasionally intentionally burden religious minorities, and that equality demands an accommodation Re freshingly, Nussbaum praises the general traditions of religious liberty in America, calling on Europe to look towards American, traditions, especially in accommodation The book also notes times in US history when America failed to uphold its traditions, in its persecution of members of the LDS and flag salute cases regarding Jehovah s witnesses Gobitis The book also warns of possible threats to our freedom of religion traditions, but that part of the book was...

  3. Tom says:

    The book provides discussion of the journey into America s history toward achieving religious equality Martha Nussbaum s historical perspective into the development of the Bill of Rights with discussion of Rhode Island s founder Roger Williams views on tolerance, religious liberty and fairness and in addition to the thoughts of James Madison, as well as others The book provides a discussion of religious discrimination cases, both at the State and Federal Court levels, that ...

  4. Gobasso says:

    Even though the culture wars are less prominent this election because of the economy they are still out there This book traces the development of our freedom of conscience from colonial America and Roger Williams through the First Amendment up to todays Supreme Court decisions Martha Nussbaum does a fine job of presenting the diverse opinions about constitutional law and fre...

  5. Ekkeko says:

    I ve learned that while the Establishment Free Exercise clause is plainly written, it s interpretation is always in question The ideal of free exercise of conscience has always and will always be under attack by those people who benefit from it being in place Each generation must preserve and enhance this basic fundament...

  6. ReadHowYouWant says:

    Praised by Paul Weithman, author of Religion and the Obligations of Citizenship, as Historically informed and philosophically sophisticated, thoroughly accessible and elegantly written A shining example of American public philosophy at its best, Liberty of Conscience is a historically based argument that equal respect for all citizens is the bedrock of America s tradition of religious freedom Weaving togethe...

  7. Don says:

    A nice read, particularly for anyone interested in some of the legal history surrounding the First Amendment s religious clauses and the dual protection of free exercise of one s religion and freedom from the government imposing a particular religion I tend to do a fair amount of constitutional law work, particularly with the First Amendment, so there wasn t much in the book that surprised me, but its a definite read for anyone wanting to unders...

  8. Marks54 says:

    This is a book about the American legal tradition around freedom of religion written by a well known philosopher I had never read anything by Nussbaum and tried this after reading a feature about her in the NY Times magazine It is very clearly written and thoughtful It i...

  9. Aleighdavis says:

    She repeats herself a lot in this one and is definitely trying to reach a broader reading audience It s a little rocky as far as sticking to her audience, but overall I would highly recommend this one to those who think that removing the word God from the pledge of allegiance would be...

  10. Miguel Soto says:

    Para evitar la violaci n del alma , Nussbaum se a ade a la tradici n norteamericana del derecho y argumenta a favor de la libertad de conciencia , cada quien puede tener las creencias religiosas que desee, o no tenerlas, y esto no lo hace inferior a los dem s ciudadanos, pero ojo...

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