The Cattleman (West Texas Watchmen #2)

The Cattleman (West Texas Watchmen #2) WEST TEXAS SHOWDOWN A City Girl Like Beth Conrad Had No Business On Nick Burke S Texas Ranch Even If The City Girl In Question Was A DEA Agent Investigating Gunrunners Supposedly Using Nick S Land As A Staging Ground One Look In Her Eyes And He Couldn T Resist Helping With Her Sure To Fail Mission Or His Undeniable Attraction To Her But Nick Was Fighting Demons From His Past, Which Left Little Room For Romance Beth Vowed To Help Nick Face His PTSD, And Nick Promised To Pose As Her Fianc To Help Her Bring Down The Perps But When Circumstances Forced Nick To Relive The Traumatic Shooting That Had Altered His Life This Time With Beth S Safety In The Balance He Made It His Duty To Ensure The Outcome Would Be A Whole Lot Happier.

ANGI MORGAN s new series, BODYGUARDS IN HEELS, is a lot of her favorite reads A little magic, a little suspense, a little comedy and a whole lot of love Angi is a USA Today and Publisher s Weekly best seller Her first book, Hill Country Holdup, went on sale the very night it won the prestigious RWA Golden Heart award She drags her dogs and husband around Texas for research road trips so she

[PDF] ↠ The Cattleman (West Texas Watchmen #2)  Author Angi Morgan –
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • The Cattleman (West Texas Watchmen #2)
  • Angi Morgan
  • 12 February 2019
  • 9780373748693

10 thoughts on “The Cattleman (West Texas Watchmen #2)

  1. Susan says:

    Very good book with action packed in from the beginning and with Beth and Nick both having issues they need to overcome Both of them are part of a task force formed to stop a particularly vicious group of smugglers Beth is far outside her comfort zone She may be a DEA agent, but she is also a city girl Things haven t been going well for her lately and she needs a win in order to save her job To do that she has to convince Nick to play the part of her boyfriend or fiance, and get him to teach her how to survive in this world That isn t going to be easy, as they have been battling since the day they met except for one night.Nick wants to find the people responsible for his being shot the year before and who are using his land to smuggle guns He s still haunted by nightmares of the shooting But he s not very happy about having Beth living on his ranch while they do so He hasn t been able to forget their one night together and he doesn t need the distraction He especially doesn t want her bugging him about his nightmares I loved seeing Nick and Beth together They are such different types of people Beth s city girl ways really seem to bug Nick at first and he can t understand why she s the one that was sent to do the investigation I couldn t help but laugh at the way Beth dressed, with her designer shoes and clothes, in spite of them being so impractical When she was finally forced to get practical clothes for ...

  2. Paula Brandon says:

    Nick Burke is still suffering nightmares from when he was shot by his ranch hand a year ago His ranch seems to be popular with drugrunners gunrunners wanting to get their stuff across the border Beth Conrad is a DEA agent tasked with residing at the ranch, pretending to be Nick s girlfriend fiance, to act as bait to draw out the spy giving insider information to the smugglers I think.I m not sure I actually know what was going on here The author sure didn t It s book two in a series, so maybe you really need to read the first one, because absolutely nothing makes sense here Nothing I ll go through all that confused me.Beth is at the ranch to act as bait for another spy Except later we re told the DEA doesn t think there s an informant So why was she there again Nick and Beth start the story at loggerheads That s fine Then they go to a cabin and have sex It just comes out of nowhere At one point, they re escaping from goons, by going down a mountain A few pages later, Beth complains that they ve been climbing for an hour Mr Bishop, one of the heads of the smuggling operation, constantly states that Nick is a thorn in his side w...

  3. Paula Legate says:

    I really enjoyed this book The characters were all likable, and the plot was good The Drug smugglers were all crude, and menacing Beth is a DEA agent Her last assignment didn t go well The department can t fire her They did something worse The sent Beth who is a city girl to a West Texas Ranch The department was waiting on Beth to fail another mission Nick is not happy to have her on his ranch Nick, and Beth join a task force to stop a smuggling ring I really liked Beth as a person When she got to the ranch, she couldn t ride a horse, but she learned how She was told she would need to buy herself a pair of boots, and some clothes like jeans, and a warm jacket Beth is a shoe person, she loves her shoes She may have to buy boots for her job, but they can still be pretty She went out and bought purple cowboy boots, with rhinestones It was entertaining how Beth and Nick taught each other Nick taught Beth to ride a horse, and She taught him defensive moves, and how to fight They would spar in the barn, and knock each other down into the soft hay This lead to kissing Nick didn t put up much of a fight when he was told he had to pretend that Beth was his girlfriend The romance, and f...

  4. Maureen Hubley says:

    Can t wait for the next book in the series

  5. Melinda says:

    I don t know why I keep picking up these kinds of books because they all seem to be about short and quick reads with minimal development of characters Nick and Beth appear to have quite the chemistry even though they are quite the mismatch Beth the city girl DEA agent has a lot to prove after failing her last mission and Nick has to prove to his family that he is no longer living under the shadow of being shot and experiencing PTSD of the war The story is pretty fast paced as usual I just wish time was spent on wrapping up loose ends Like who ordered the hit on Nick, who the Bishop and his lady companions really are, and what happened that one time Beth hesitated as an agen...

  6. Patricia Atkinson says:

    beth Conrad is a dea agent and gets sent to texas to investigate gunrunners and cartel making deals on nick burkes land nick suffers from ptsd from when he was shot by cartel on his own ranch, nicks mom thinks that beth can help him to work through his nightmares because both her parents a shrinks.....

  7. Linda Klages says:

    Keeps your interest read this as a stand alone but would like to read the series.

  8. Harlequin Books says:

    Morgan pens a lovely comeback story of a hero fighting his inner demons and struggling with PTSD With equal parts action, romance and compelling characters, she hits all the right notes RT Book Reviews, 4 1 2 stars TOP PICK.Miniseries West Texas Watchmen

  9. Mellanie C says:

    I registered a book at

  10. Bonnie Drummond says:

    An exciting second book The Cattleman from the West Texas Watchmen by Angi Morgan was a book that kept you on the edge of your seat I can t wait to read the 3rd book in the series.

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