Crave In The Darkness Of Night, Desire Reigns Supreme.The Sins Of The Past Live On In The PresentCarefree Submissive Linnet Adams Is Living The Dream With A Promising Future, Another Semester Of School Under Her Belt, And Best Of All, The Devotion Of Master Gage Her Life At Crave, The City S Most Exclusive BDSM Club, Is Everything To Her Until She S Thrust Into A Living Nightmare Seven Years, Seven MurdersRyder, A Male Submissive At Crave, Is Devoted To The Lifestyle And One Very Hard To Pin Down Domme He Is Also A Doctor Of Psychology Specializing In BDSM Related Crimes When Yet Another Murder Occurs, He Is Asked To Assist Detective Linnet Adams Sometimes The Truth Is Hiding In Plain Sight, And All It Can Take Is One Kiss.The Whisper Of The Cane Can Bring Them Heaven Or HellGage Still Dreams About The Sub Who Got Away Linnet Was His Fantasy Girl And The Woman He Wanted To Spend The Rest Of His Life With As The New Owner Of Crave, He Still Can T Get Her Out Of His Mind A Discovery Is About To Rock His World And Bring The Past And Future Colliding Together If Only He Has The Courage To Embrace It.

Erzabet Bishop is a USA Today bestselling and award winning author of over forty paranormal and contemporary romance books She lives in Houston, Texas and when she isn t writing about sexy shifters or voluptuous heroines, she enjoys playing in local bookstores and watching movies with her husband and furry kids.Follow her on Twitter erzabetbishop.Links Instagram

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10 thoughts on “Crave

  1. Jean Smith says:

    Crave something a lifestyler knows all too wellThere are predators in every lifestyle I truly wish we were better at teaching our youth how to say no and to be discerning and cautious not overzealous cautious or paranoid but a healthy amount of caution to be sure One of the first things I would teach a submissive in the lifestyle is that submission does not mean doormat It does not mean they are the plaything for all dominants They have the right to say no But what happens when someone lets a wolf into the well guarded and monitored hen house Linnet finds out in excruciating detail when the vetting process at the club she attends lets in several unvetted guests, one of which is a total madman Uncomfortable from the vibes the dominant projects she acquiesces to his demands for a tour after all her dom will be there shortly what could possibly happen To say it was a very painful lesson in just what could happen is to say the least What was a beautiful and transcending experience has been corrupted and ...

  2. Erzabet Bishop says:

    Excerpt It had been a rough week, and her exams were finally done, freeing up of her time to devote to Master Gage Just the thought of her dark haired, muscular Dom sent shivers down her spine The good kind Master Gage said we had to keep everything low key until the semester was over I just hope he ll make it in tonight He texted me he was going to be late and to help with the visitors Maybe he wants you to help the new guy feel at home Her best friend April grinned and spun from side to side on the bar stool, her feet dangling He s supposed to be Master Gage s special guest She polished off her cranberry juice and turned to slide the empty glass across the bar to Bernie Thanks No problem The large black man smiled, his eyes dancing merrily Everyone understood Bernie was the biggest teddy bear in the place, but if anyone threatened one of the subs, he would rival even the toughest Dungeon Monitor You girls be careful tonight The boys upstairs are on another membership drive, and I m not so sure they checked out everyone like they normally do Hmmm She...

  3. Talltree says:

    2.75 stars

  4. Melissa Mitravich says:

    I received a copy of this book from the author and Paranormal Romance Authors that Rock, in exchange for an honest review The main character is Linnet, a woman with a deep desire for a kinky lifestyle and she s determined to indulge Do I need to say Ok, how about fetish shops, butt plugs, Doms Subs, Masters Mistresses, oh and can t forget BDSM To prevent spoilers I m going to try to stick with my basic likes and dislikes about the book The story is in third person, but switches between a few POVs, which I enjoyed I find multiple POVs most interesting rather than a one sided story, which I think a lot can be missed out on by not knowing how other characters feel, self explanations for their actions, etc Plus one POV is let s say, the villain That was interesting Yes, there is a lot of sex here, but there is an actually story in there too Crave is the name of the main Club where most events take place This is where one particular event changes Linnet and the course of her life forever, but here is one place where I found the story lacking I don t think there was enough detail given about the tragic event that happened to Linnet I would have liked detail of what occurred during the altercation and an explanation as to how it traumatized her Despite what happened to her, she grew into a strong woman I m glad she turned out that way When I began reading I hadn t looked at the length of the book, so when the end came I wasn t expecting it The story plot is very fa...

  5. Jane says:

    Okay, I have to be honest erotica with BDSM isn t my thing It doesn t really attract my attention, but I like to give books a try Bishop did a very impressive job keeping me interested in this novella You meet three dimensional characters who combine their professional expertise in order to catch a killer known as the Ripper Linnet is a combination of femininity and commander She likes to dictate what she wants in the bed and out, yet she is not opposed to be submissive as well Bishop made me blush plenty of times with her descriptive and sexy scenes between Linnet and her lovers Gage is a dominant man who likes to take charge in and out of the bedroom After an incident involving Linnet, he buys Crave, a BDSM club, and ups security to the max Ryder is a submissive man, devoted to Linnet He brings the girly and tender side of her out when she leasts expects it In the real world, he is a psychologist who works closely with BDSM patients This threesome of characters br...

  6. Naughty Beauties Book Blog says:

    Linnet is on her way to a promising future She is protected and cared for by Master Gage.All was going well and her carefree spirit allowed for her to indulge in many aspects of her life She is quickly thrown into a nightmare and only just saved in the nick of time.She finds her place as a detective and soon works along with Ryder a is also a Doctor of Psychology specializing in BDSM related crimes She soon recognizes he is also her submissive from Crave The two embark on uncovering the mystery of Seven mur...

  7. Ani says:

    If BDSM isn t your thing, then this book isn t for you , although saying that, it wasn t my thing, but I thoroughly enjoyed this short but intense story The author handled the intensity of the BDSM scenes really tastefully, and managed to pack the short 79 pages full of so much than just the sex and role playing For a short story there was plenty of description to help you visualise the scenes This is a story full of pain, hurt, heartache and eventually retribution for our characters As the book is only 79 pages saying anything would give away too many spoilers, I will say that this book could have easily been a lot longer, and I would ...

  8. Lisa says:

    Crave is a club for BDSM lifestylers Linnet was introduced to the club after she started working for a lingerie store She had found a Master and was doing good until on night that ruined her Gage was working hard for a promotion at his job He had a sub named Linnet and was supposed to be meeting her He was late Almost too late to save h...

  9. Karen Roma says:

    Intensely emotional, gripping and tragic, Crave will have readers wondering why they haven t heard of this book before now Ms Bishop has combined suspense thriller, BDSM and heartfelt romance so beautifully that this story has absolutely everything in a fast paced, action packed novella But don t let the length of the story fool you at no time does i...

  10. Tara says:

    OMG WOW I m hooked on Erzabet Bishop and her books and I have barely scratched the surface of what she s written These short stories pack so much into them and they flow so well, I m absolutely thrilled If you haven t read the blurb for Crave, read it It s worth it Then I m going to say that THIS story is all that and SO MUCH MORE The plot will have ...

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