White Trash Zombie Gone Wild

White Trash Zombie Gone WildAngel Crawford Has Buried Her Loser Past And Is Cruising Along In Undead High Gear That Is, Until A Murder By Decapitation Sends Her On A Hazardous Detour As Angel Hunts For The Killer, She Uncovers A Scheme That Would Expose Zombies To The Public And Destroy The Life She S Built, And She S Determined Not To Rest Until She Finds Out Who S Behind It Soon She S Neck Deep In Lies, Redneck Intrigue, Zombie Hunters, And Rot Sniffing Cadaver Dogs It S Up To Her To Unravel The Truth And Snuff Out The Conspiracy Before The Existence Of Zombies Makes Headline News And She S Outed As A Monster But Angel Hasn T Quite Escaped The Pill Popping Ghosts Of Her Past Not With An Illicit Zombie Pharmaceutical At Her Fingertips Good Thing She S Absolutely Sure She Can Handle The Drug S Unpredictable Side Effects And Still Take Down The Bad Guys Or Maybe She S Only One Bad Choice Away From Being Dead Meat For Real This Time.Angel Knows A Thing Or Two About Kicking Ass, But Now The Ass She Needs To Kick Might Be Her Own.

Diana Rowland worked as a bartender, a blackjack dealer, a pit boss, a street cop, a detective, a computer forensics specialist, a crime scene investigator, and a morgue assistant, which means that she s seen a lot of weird crap She won the marksmanship award in her Police Academy class, has a black belt in Hapkido, has handled numerous dead bodies in various states of decomposition, and can t ro

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  • White Trash Zombie Gone Wild
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  • 19 July 2019

10 thoughts on “White Trash Zombie Gone Wild

  1. Ferdy says:

    3.5 stars Spoilers Mostly enjoyed the story, the beginning was a bit of a struggle to get through because of Angel s boring drug problems, but once that was sorted out it was a fun read with Angel having to investigate a murder and put out various zombie fires Kind of hated Angel in the first third of the book, she was so weak, stupid, and self pitying Her going back to her addictive ways and lying and being slimy put me off her character Thankfully, it didn t take too long for her to sort herself out, once it was all out in the open she became likeable again Loved Randy, Dr Nikas, and Angel s dad They were really sweet and Angel s interactions with them were the most entertaining The sort of romance with Nick came out of nowhere, Angel suddenly stopped having feelings for Philip and was all of sudden all over Nick They were both rubbish love interests, but at least Philip made sense, unlike Nick There were nowhere near enough female characters, literally everyone Angel spent time with were male It was irritating how she was always surrounded by guys, she only seemed to work with men and have male friends There was only one female character that she actually got along with, and that character was barely in it The...

  2. Bradley says:

    This is a better turn for the series, getting away from corporate or spy shit and giving us an old style drug problem to work through I knew it was coming from the end of the previous book, but to see all the horrible issues of the soldier potion for zombies turn her into a self serving self destructive zombie who had Just started getting her life together was a very pleasant mo...

  3. Carole (Carole& says:

    This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in Books.I had a lot of fun with this one I had a bit of a rough time with parts of the previous book in the series so I was really happy to have such a good time with this one This is the fifth book in the series and I do think that this is a series that needs to be read in order A lot of things that happened in previous books played a big role in this story I listed to this book for hours at a time and even found myself cleaning things around the house just so I could listen a little bit longer.Angel is not in the best place at the start of this book Becoming a zombie has really forced her into cleaning up her life but in this book she finds that she isn t immune to everything Eventually others figure out what is going on and she is able to get some help I really liked seeing Angel deal with her demons She wasn t always nice and likable but I enjoyed spending time in her mind as she try to work through things.There is a mystery at the core of the story that Angel is trying to figure out She sees a few things while recovering a body with her job at the morgue that leads her to believe that she may know the culprit All of this is going on a the same time a big zombie movie premier is the big event in her hometown With everyone running around dressed as zombies and zombie hunters, there is no shortage of entertainment in this book Ther...

  4. Jennifer says:

    This review was originally posted at The Book Nympho After the way the last book, How the White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back, I was nervous about Angel s state Before being turned into a Zombie, Angel had a drug problem Well death doesn t take away that monkey on the back Now that Angel is team Zombie her addictive nature can affect people than just her Like the need to eat braiiiins.I enjoyed returning to the lighter, redneck side of Angel s world over the heavier plot line we had in the last installment with Saberton But don t worry, Saberton is still around they just weren t front and center this time Angel got outed to a couple of people in her everyday life and it will be interesting to see how that affects her life and those relationships And it looks like zombies as a whole might be closer to coming out as well I think Angel and the tribe have some very interesting times ahead of them I m sure we ll see of Saberton story line in the near future as things start coming to a head with the over all story arc of the series Allison McLe has made the White Trash Zombie series an audio only series for me She is perfect for voicing Angel and the rest of the cast I can t imagine anyone else bring Angel to life and I ...

  5. Carmel (Rabid Reads) says:

    Reviewed by Rabid Reads.Angel Crawford is at it again in WHITE TRASH ZOMBIE GONE WILD taking on multiple plot threads, dodging cadaver dogs, and battling inner demons The story was a clever spin on Zombiefest gone bad, and things are starting to come together for the heroine on the work front I was happy that Saberton was put on the back burner for an installment, and that Marcus is now firmly in the friend zone Still, I did take issue with Angel s regression, and the ending wasn t ideal.This novel took a turn for the silly with less emphasis on corporate espionage, and on redneck drama think too much alcohol paired with trailer park logic and a doomsday prep kit Crawford s paranoia also catches up with her when Allen Dr Nikas, her bosses, confront her about two separate issues, but not for the reasons you d suspect It was nice seeing the protagonist s support system establish itself, and I just love her dad to bits Angel s been on a path of self improvement for most of this series she got her GED, kicked her bad habits, and is working hard on building her career However, I knew that a relapse was brewing, and would have been ok with it had the author not used it solely as a gimmick, and...

  6. Yodamom says:

    Angel falls apart Head roll, bodies rot uncontrolled, pieces fall off, skin peels away Angel is caught red handed Exposure happens Dad comes through Everyone hates Judd Angel goes all Zombie Columbo CommandoReally liked this edition, less corp spy bs, less romance, angel ninja action

  7. Douglas Meeks says:

    I started this book and pretty much read it in marathon fashion with very few breaks, it was great, I wanted to see where things were going and was not terribly disappointed.So with THAT out of the way, I can usually decide if a book was 4 Stars or 5 Stars with only a little trouble sometimes but this one really has kept me waffling back and forth for most of today The story was great, I was engrossed pretty much all the time BUT it seemed like our petite protagonist for this series got a heaping dose of TSTL Too Stupid To Live in too many scenes it seemed to me.You can count on one thing in all these books, the writing is top notch and the stories addicting but the cast of characters and the overarching plots were largely missing from this local and a bad guy that you were never sure was even a bad guy there was 1 that you did not have to wonder about.Her struggle with her additive personality which we got a peak of at the end of the last book is in full swing this time and while it added drama and angst I am not sure it really made this a better book, I liked the smart, savvy and heroine that people always underestimated in previous books We do see a bit of it in this story but not as much as we have grown to expect.One of the things I did like about this story was the revelation that people she thought did not like her or even hated her turn out to be her friends and she never really knew it There are two levels of plots here and 1 is local and 1 is loosely lin...

  8. SnoopyDoo& says:

    At the end of last book I was really worried about Angel as she found a new way to get high now as a zombie And we are dealing with that a big part of this book But I admit I really enjoy that we are not getting the prefect character with this series and especially this book Angel not only has to deal with her new addiction but also gets outed So she has plenty of stuff thrown at her in this book She gains some unlikely and new allies in this book Which I really enjoyed I also liked that we got less of the whole SaberTech stuff and of Angle and her daily life or of her chaos would be fitting I absolutely love this series because Angel is one of my all time favorite character arcs It is slow and gradually, has its up and downs and overall is very realistic and easy to relate to The same goes with any and all relationships in this series Friendships and romantic Which by the way we don t get much in this book But I think something has been brewing in that department for a while and we will...

  9. Christy LoveOfBooks says:

    4.5I don t think I can adequately convey just how much I love this series and what a good time I have with it White Trash Zombie Gone Wild is the 5th book and still just as strong as its predecessors Love, love, love it I had a bad feeling about what Angel would face in this book, and those feelings were correct Things take a wrong turn when a festival comes to town and a murder pulls Angel into the danger That s just the tip of the iceberg There are multiple plot threads and Angel juggles it all, but it doesn t feel overwhelming at all Rowland does an amazing job weaving it all together in a way that has me sitting on the edge of my seat, completely engrossed Not to mention the humor I swear, Angel is one of my favorite heroines She has some of the best character growth I ve seen, truly blossoming in a way that makes me feel incredibly proud Yes, I m proud of a fictional character, okay Angel s addictive nature rears its ugly head, and its something she has to deal with I m glad it touches on this and shows that it s something that never really leaves you But damn, don t ever underestimate her, because she s one clever cookie What I especially love is her smart ass, snarky ways that cracks up.There are also s...

  10. ☕️Kimberly says:

    We are back from New York, and Angel has a problem thanks to a zombie pharmaceutical She is sneaking some of this drug without the others knowing and its causing some problems Like increasing her, need for BRAIIIIINS However, none of this stops her from uncovering a conspiracy to out zombies.Rowland s descriptions particularly the action scenes had me sitting motionless as the story unraveled in three D Punches of humor that only Angel could deliver helped keep the darker moments light and it was one heck of a ride.Angel is a character you cannot help but root for She is kick ass, a little unpolished, and smart as a whip When she opens her mouth, you never know what will pop out If she cares about you then you are one of the lucky ones because she will and does move heaven and earth to protect you.Conspiracies, zombie hunters, exposure and danger continue in White Trash Zombies Some interesting things happen at the morgue where Angela works some very interesting things Saberton Industries are still in the picture but they took a backseat in this edition.Allison McLe is the voice of Angel and the crew I could not imagine the series without her If you are looking for a unique Urban Fantasy, I cannot recommend the audio version of White Trash Zombies enough.Now before you say, Kim this looks hilarious and action packed but I do not do zombies Rowland has created zombies that live among us, look like us but just have to snack on brains oc...

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