Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis

Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis Introductory Lectures On Psycho Analysis Parts I And II Part III In Volume 16 Editor S IntroductionPreface 1917 Preface To The Hebrew Translation 1930 PART I PARAPRAXES 1916 1915 I IntroductionII ParapraxesIII Parapraxes Continued IV Parapraxes Continued PART II DREAMS 1916 1915 16 V Difficulties And First ApproachesVI The Premises And Techniques Of InteerpretationVII The Manifest Content Of Dreams And The Latent Dream ThoughtsVIII Children S DreamsIX The Censorship Of DreamsX Symbolism In DreamsXI The Dream WorkXII Some Analyses Of Sample DreamsXIII The Archaic Features And Infantilism Of DreamsXIV Wish FulfillmentXV Uncertainties And Criticism

Carl Jung, a close associate of Freud s, as the president Jung later broke with Freud and developed his own theories.After World War One, Freud spent less time in clinical observation and concentrated on the application of his theories to history, art, literature and anthropology In 1923, he published The Ego and the Id , which suggested a new structural model of the mind, divided into the id, the ego and the superego.In 1933, the Nazis publicly burnt a number of Freud s books In 1938, shortly after the Nazis annexed Austria, Freud left Vienna for London with his wife and daughter Anna.Freud had been diagnosed with cancer of the jaw in 1923, and underwent than 30 operations He died of cancer on 23 September 1939.

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  1. Mounir says:

    Nice introduction to psychoanalysis in Freud s own words The first four lectures about Parapraxes are in some way a summary of his book Psychopathology of everyday life The next eleven lectures are also in some way a summary of his major work The interpretation of dreams That book was first published in 1900, i.e sixteen years earlier than these lectures, but in my opinion the lectures on dreams cannot be a substitute to the original book which is much detaile...

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