The First Mrs. Rothschild

The First Mrs. Rothschild In This Award Winning Historical Saga, Passionate Young Lovers In A Jewish Ghetto Rise To Become The Foremost Financial Dynasty In The World It Is The Turn Of The Eighteenth Century In Frankfurt, Germany, And Young Gutle And Meir Amschel Rothschild Struggle To Establish Themselves In The Cramped And Restricted Judengasse But When Meir S Talents As A Novice Banker Catch The Attention Of A German Prince, Meir Is Suddenly Afforded Entr E Into The European World Of Finance And Nobility, And The Rothschilds Lives Are Changed Forever As Proud As Gutle Is Of Her Husband S Success, She Is Also Cautious Very Much Aware Of The Fact That Her Husband S Rise Is Tied To His Patrons Willingness To See Past His Jewishness As Their Family Grows, And A Dream Of Fortune Comes True, So Does Their Belief That Money Will Ultimately Bring The Power Needed To Establish Jewish Civil Rights.Told Through Gutle S Intimate Journals, Revealed Across Decades From The French Revolution Through Personal Tragedies And Triumphs The First Mrs Rothschild Paints A Rich And Intimate Tapestry Of Family Drama, World Changing History, And One Woman S Steadfast Strength.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The First Mrs. Rothschild book, this is one of the most wanted Sara Aharoni author readers around the world.

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  • The First Mrs. Rothschild
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  • 25 March 2018

10 thoughts on “The First Mrs. Rothschild

  1. Erin says:

    3.5 stars Thanks to Netgalley for a digital galley in exchange for an honest review. A historical fiction spanning the 18th and 19th century and written in diary format by matriarch, Gutle Rothschild The First Mrs Rothschild details the courtship of Gulte and Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the rise of her husband and children s banking dynasty, and the world events that are happening as she raises her family Translated from the original Hebrew text, Sara Aharoni s characterization of Gutle, showcases a devoted wife and mother that stood by her husband, listened to her children and was fiercely loyal to the city of Frankfurt As a historical fiction fan, I do love when authors centre on the woman behind the man Mayer Amschel Rothschild jas oftentimes been recognized as introducing the prototype of modern capitalism and in 2009 was listed in Forbes magazine as one of the most influential businessmen of all time So it s interesting to focus on Gulte who actually did outlive her husband and watched her sons and grandsons as they expanded their banking system throughout Europe When Gulte is 17 years old, she is captivated by Mayer who seems worldly and dreams of something that will take his family name past the Frankfurt Judengasse Jewish ghetto of Frankfurt Although her father and mother have their hesitations about Mayer, it is soon evident that Gulte will have no other man but May...

  2. Kylie D says:

    First I want to say that it took an age for me to read this book It wasn t because it s a bad book, it certainly isn t, but it s solid and it seemed a lot longer than what the page count tells us It s the type of book you can sit and read for hours, then find you ve barely made any headway in it The novel does span 80 years though, so we will forgive it.It follows the narrative journals of Gutle Rothschild, who married fellow Frankfurt ghetto resident Meir Amschel Rothschild when she was just a teenager Her journals tell the tale of the family, through the triumphs and tragedies, loves and losses As the tale unfolds of the rising financial dynasty that is created, we wonder at the strength of the woman, as the family rises out of the ghetto and takes control of the finances of Europe.I found The First Mrs Rothschild to be a wonderful story, beautifully researched It gives us an insight to the talent and fortitude of this amazing family of bank...

  3. Netta says:

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  4. Rose says:

    I really enjoyed this book about the first Mrs Rothschild It is written in diary format and feels very natural You are hearing the story from her perspective I found it interesting to see how Jewish people were treated in that time The one contention I did have was that the translator used the term holy bib...

  5. Zaida says:


  6. Eileen Kennedy says:

    Young Gutle daily watches the world from the only window in her parents home in the Frankfurt Jewish ghetto From here she first encounters Meir Rothschild and falls in love His tenacity wins her hand and they start their journey together He is successful in his money dealings with locals and his persistence wins the business of gentiles Meir has a dream to build a dynasty of money lenders who will establish their rightful position in Europe To do this he insists on a large family Gutle agrees Their family grows with the inevitable loss of some babies Meir is good in business despite the constant anti Semitism that surrounds him but he is not skillful in recognizing his children s needs Gutle supports her husband s decisions, at the same time providing compassion and insight to her children, all the time quietly mourning her losses Meir s dream is realized and we follow the origins of a recognized historic family through the detailed journals of their mother Sara Aharoni is...

  7. Natalia Martin says:

    Una lectura interesante sobre todo a nivel hist rico y cultural respecto a los h bitos de los judios y todo lo que implica su religi n y costumbres Si bien es poco objetiva respecto a la familia Rothschild es comprensible puesto que est escrito como si fuera el diario de la matriarca de la misma, no obstante es curioso saber el origen de una de las mayores fortunas del mundo y deja la puerta abierta para que el lector reflexivo saque sus propias conclusiones.Sin embargo es obligado constartar que no nos encontramos ante un libro trepidante, sino ante una lectura sosegada, poco emocionante e incluso lenta en algunos momentos, aunque consigue mantener el inter s del lector pues no llega a resultar aburrida ya que la autora maneja bien los tiempos de la vida personal de la se ora Rothschild con los xitos profesionales d...

  8. Cheryl Sokoloff says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this tomb of a novel, The First Mrs Rothschild, about Gutaleh Rothschild I am a buff for historical fiction and to the best of my knowledge not much has been written about the life of Mrs Rothschild She is a character with so much class and grace As a child, she respected the decision of her parents, when they at first refused to allow her to marry who she considered, her bashert, or her chosen one Eventually, her patience paid off, and her father came around , and granted the couple permission to wed She had so much love for her husband, Meir Amschelm Rothschild, and for the family of 10 children that they had The heartbreak that she expressed when there were disappointments in their life was truly palpable through the pages into my subconscious She had immense strength to mix out of all the family s business interactions, even when she had strong opinions that she would have liked to share The politics of the times she lived through were tumultuous, especially for Jews, who were not considered to have any rights Even with Napoleon, Jews in Frankfurt were denied equal rights for a long time When this finally happened, thanks for the most part to her husband, Meir Amschelm Rothschild, Gutaleh Roth...

  9. Kathleen Gray says:

    A big book a novel in diary form that tells the tale of Gutle and Mayer Rothschild Set in the 18th and 19th century, it s an interesting way to learn not only about the famous banking family but also the situation in Europe at the time Because it s told from Gutle s point of view, it s a domestic novel, focusing on their romance, their marriage, and their children Thanks to net galley for the ARC Fans of the historical no...

  10. ~bookworm~ says:

    Most people who have an interest in business finance, philanthropy, history or European history have heard of the Rothschild family, and the Rothschild name has become synonymous with money and power The founder of the family was Mayer Amschel Rothschild this book is written from his wife Guttle s perspective It reads like a series of diaries I was initially unsure if this was an actual translation of real diaries like Anne Frank s book or a novel It is a novel, but it reads like an autobiography is very cleverly done In places there are gaps, huge jumps some slightly confusing references to people or events which again gave it the authenticity of diaries rather than a novel We follow the story of Guttle from a teenager who falls in love with the dashing Meir Rothschild who she spies from her window, through to the end of her life aged 90 We see how her husband moves from humble beginnings to greatness and how he ensures that his wealth is kept in the family through the partnership bequests to his five sons, We also see a loving father who doesn t neglect his daughters, but recognises that the custom at the time means they are not part of the Rothschild family after m...

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